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What is scrum?

Scrum is an iterative framework for project management often used in agile software development. If you are not familiar with scrum you can check out the scrum guide on or get an overview on Wikipedia.

Why scrumboo?

2 years ago we started to use the scrum framework for our software development projects. We had a distributed team of more than 50 developers, project managers and product managers. We where looking for a simple online project management tool which would support our distributed team and which was dedicated to the scrum framework. The tools we found where either trying to do too much or where not supporting our distributed team approach. To make it short, we did not like what we found so we decided to build scrumboo. Scrumboo supports the scrum framework not more an not less and is influenced by our distributed way of working.

What is a "product" and what is a "release" in scrumboo?

The product is the piece of software you deliver to your customer(s). A product can have multiple releases, that is why we have introduced the release layer in scrumboo. The release defines the current project you are working on and the point in time when you will go live with a new version of your product. Releases are then further divided into sprints in order to create workable packages for the development team.

Why are there 3 different backlogs in scrumboo?

The product backlog is a list of all product requirements - the "backlog items". This list is the basis for planning your releases. scrumboo provides features for backlog priorization and release planning. The release backlog includes all items which are planned into a release - your release scope! On the planning board items can be assigned from the product backlog into the release backlog just by drag & drop. Sprints divide a release into workable packages. Each sprint has its own sprint backlog which can be filled from the release backlog by assigning items on the release board.

Does scrumboo support multiple products at the same time?

Yes, scrumboo is based on the assumption that you will most likely work on more than one product at a time. In our business we sometimes have to manage more than 8 different product streams at the same time. Which means multiple teams are working on multiple product backlogs. Of course scrumboo also works perfectly fine if you only have one single product.

What is a "user story"?

Backlog items can either be marked as user stories, epics or bugs. A user stories is a work item which is well defined and estimated. Ideally it does not have more than 8 story points and can be implemented within a sprint. The description should follow the following template: "As a [role] I want to [feature] so that [goal]"

How can I group multiple "users stories" into a "theme"?

To allow grouping of multiple user stories we support tagging. Tags can be freely defined which gives you maximum flexibility when grooming your backlog.

I have forgotten my password, how can I get a new one?

Go to the sign in page and click the link "I forgot my password". A new temporary password which will be sent to you via email.

Can I use my facebook account for signing in?

Yes, on the sign in page you will find the link "I want to use my facebook account instead". When you click this link for the first time you will be asked for your regular scrumboo credentials. After that your scrumboo account is connected with your facebook account. The next time you click the link you will automatically sign in with your facebook account. In your profile you can disconnect your account from facebook at any time.

Is my data secure on scrumboo?

Yes. When signing in you will be routed to a secure data channel using https with a verified and trusted server certificate. This ensures reasonable protection from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks. In addition special password encryption routines are used which secure that administrators at scrumboo are not able to decrypt password and also brutal-force attacks are prevented.

Can I upload an existing product backlog from Excel?

Yes. scrumboo supports mass upload of backlog items from Excel. This allows you to migrate to scrumboo immediately in case you have used another tool or just Excel as your product backlog tool. This feature is only available for administrator users within your account.

Can I export my product backlog?

You are able to export your backlog items at any time. You find this feature under the search tab where you can filter and sort the item list before exporting.

How do I invite my colleagues to scrumboo?

All administrator users within your account are able to invite new users. The new user will receive an email with all required details to sign in to scrumboo immediately.

How can I cancel my scrumboo account?

If you decide to cancel your account go to the settings page and select the account plan tab. You will find a link which allows you to cancel your company account. We kindly ask you tell us about your motivation by selecting a reason for cancellation on the account cancellation page.

How do I get notified if colleagues have worked on items?

scrumboo provides a personal RSS activity feed you can subscribe to. You can configure what kind of information you are interested in and will get notified about changes immediately in your RSS reader.

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